Love VHS? Are you into Indie Movies? An Independent Elmhurst Business is Catering to You!

Elmhurst residents Ryan Ohm and Jeremy Marsan wanted to create a platform where independent filmmakers could release their work, so they turned to VHS.

Weird Life LTR is a new business in Elmhurst that aims to change the way people watch movies.

The concept is simple: people buy movies from the website for $12.99 and receive a VHS tape and a free bag of popcorn.

There are currently three movies available, and the next three releases will come in the fall.

“We wanted to give Indie filmmakers with microbudgets the opportunity to have that cool release,” Ohm said. “We essentially act as the equivalent to Netflix or Warner Brothers, but on the completely opposite side of the scale. We do everything in a unique and different way.”

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